925 Sterling Silver Cuff Double Band Ring
925 Sterling Silver Cuff Double Band Ring
925 Sterling Silver Cuff Double Band Ring

925 Sterling Silver Cuff Double Band Ring

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925 Sterling Silver Cuff Double Crest Ring
The stunning ring gives the effect of wearing two rings at the same time. With one half encrusted with approximately 13 highly polish and top grade cut Zirconia crystals and the other half with a larger single Zirconia stone.
It has a base size of J 1/2 which is 15.7mm in diameter and as it is a cuff ring it can be slightly adjusted up or down a few rings sizes. Note that this is 925 sterling silver and quite a soft metal so adjustment should be done with care and not too often.

How to Prevent Your Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

Sterling silver jewelry tarnishes easily when contacting with sulfur particles especially in a humid environment, so it is rather important to store it in a proper way.

●  Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

Stay away from any damp place such as your bathroom, pool, wet utility areas.

●  Store in a Jewelry Bag or Box

A jewelry box designed with velvet or other soft material lining helps to absorb excessive moisture accumulating in the box or bag. It has the same effect in placing a piece of chalk in the bag or box with your silver jewelry!

●  Keep away from Harsh Chemicals

Such as lotion, hair spray, skin product, swimming pool, self-tanner, perfume, shampoos, conditioners, hot tubs, hand sanitizer, body washes etc.

●  Put on Your Jewelry at Last

This way can avoid the possibility of contact with your skin care product, makeups, hair spray and perfumes, thus reducing tarnishing.

●  Remove When Doing Household Chores

Substances with extra sulfur like household detergent, chlorinated water, sweat, and rubber will accelerate tarnish.

●  Using Silver Polishing Cloth

Just wipe the blackened place repeatedly with a silver polishing cloth until the black part is wiped clean.

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